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Social Sciences Library

The Social Sciences Library is located inside the College of Social Sciences (Building no. 16) in Kwanak campus. It was established as the Lee In-pyo Information Center for Social Sciences with a financial donation from Lee In-pyo, the former honorary president of Esquire (1922-2002).

Since 1995, the Library has strived to effectively manage social sciences references and resources and to promptly and accurately provide the best information services by considering the demands of its users and the academic disciplines. The library has made major contributed to the development of an effective information system for education and research at the College of Social Sciences. It has provided support to faculty research and student education, and has successfully managed the information center for social sciences.

Opening Hours

Section Monday ~ Friday Saturday·Holidays Sunday
1F Book Stacks, Circulation Desk, Periodical Room 09:00 ~ 18:00 - -
2F Information Retrieval Room, Book Cafe, Reading Room 09:00 ~ 18:00
3F Reading Room #1 09:00 ~ 19:50
4F Reading Room #2, Disability Room, Group Study Room, Haedong CSS Lounge 09:00 ~ 19:50


After searching for materials on the SNU Library homepage and locating them from the bookshelves, users may check-out books with an identification card at the Circulatin desk or with the automatic check-out machine located at the stacks on the 1st floor.

Circulation Policies

User Category Max. No. of Books Loan Period
Professors (Full-time, Instructors, foundation, chair, honorary, guest instructor retired, and contract) 60 90
Graduate students, staff members, and teaching staff from experimental schools, assistant instructors, researchers, post-doctoral students, research registrants, and personnel employed by the head of each organization 30 30
Undergraduate students, exchange students, seasonal semester students 15 14
Director-approved Users Subject to the details of the approval

* Check-out is permitted only with one's identification card ; Proxy borrowing is allowed only for the facalty.


Each material may be renewed anytime until the maximum extension date(three times the user’s loan period)


All items borrowed from the central library and 9 branch libraries can be returned to any of 9 branch libraries and central library.
(9 banch libraries : Social Sciences, Business, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Veterinary Medical, Music, Medicine, International Studies, Dental and Law Library).


Overdue Penalties

Daily overdue fines: ₩200 per book. (₩300 per requested book). Standard Loan books and requested books have a 2 day 'grace period' after the due date during which fines will not be incurred. If the item is returned after the grace period, fines are incurred for that whole period.
  • Overdue fine can be paid by card, online or cash
    • Card : Central library main building 1F Return room, 2F Book Borrowing/Return Kiosk
    • Online : Homepage > login > My library > Online payment
    • Cash : Central library or Branch Library Book Borrowing/Return


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