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SNU Gwanak Residence Halls

Gwanak-sa is a huge dormitory complex near the back gate of the campus which can house about 5,000 people. Gwanak-sa Undergraduate House has 1,215 of double rooms only for double occupancy. It is housing 1,063 female and 1,366 male undergraduate students. Gwanak-sa Graduate House has 545 single rooms and 901 double rooms for 2,347 graduate students. Gwanak-sa Family House is 200 units of two room apartments for married graduate students who want to live with their family. The Gwanak-sa Houses are all furniture and open 24 hours. (No curfew.) It has its own cafeterias which can host most of the dorm students. It also has subsidiary facilities such as indoor gymnasium, concert hall, and laundry rooms, etc. (Homepage)

Dure Cultural Center

Dure Cultural Center (building no. 67) is a building specifically to support student activities. There is a small auditorium that can seat 130 people and student directed plays and performances are usually held here. There are also practice rooms and seminar rooms for students to practice and hold meetings. The ‘Student Support Center’ and ‘Career Development Center’ is also located at Dure Cultural Center. This building was donated by ‘NongHyup’ bank.

SNU/POSCO Sports Center

POSCO Sports Center contains an Olympic-size swimming pool, weight room, golf ranges, squash/racquetball courts and multipurpose fitness rooms. Wide-ranging instructional courses are available for members. Shower rooms and sauna facilities are located on the first and third floors. (Homepage)

Student Center

With a total floor area of 15,576㎡, the Student Center is a sprawling center of student life on campus. It contains the office of student representatives, club activity rooms, a restaurant, canteen, bookstore, souvenir shop, pharmacy, lounges and other convenient facilities. The Student Center is also home to the Center for Campus Life and Culture, Health Services Center and other facilities offering services frequently used by students.


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