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Social Sciences Library

The Social Sciences Library is located inside the College of Social Sciences (Building no. 16) in Kwanak campus. It was established as the Lee In-pyo Information Center for Social Sciences with a financial donation from Lee In-pyo, the former honorary president of Esquire (1922-2002).

Since 1995, the Library has strived to effectively manage social sciences references and resources and to promptly and accurately provide the best information services by considering the demands of its users and the academic disciplines. The library has made major contributed to the development of an effective information system for education and research at the College of Social Sciences. It has provided support to faculty research and student education, and has successfully managed the information center for social sciences.


User Guide

Location Functions Opening Hours Contacts
1st Floor Administration Office Request books, receive donated books or resources, address inquiries, accept requests for common study rooms, and oversee other administrative duties Weekdays
880- 8870,8871, 8247,8248
Circulation Desk(Borrow & Return), Stacks1, Stacks2, Reference, Bound Periodicals Borrow and return books, read and photocopy references, statistics, and selected books, and a bookcafe 880-8246
2nd Floor Information Retrieval Room Use the computer, scanner, and printer 880-8244
Current Periodicals Room Search for newspaper articles, newly published journals, and the Online National Assembly Database 880-8245
3rd Floor Reading Room No.1 Common reading room Weekdays & Public Holidays
4th Floor Reading Room No.2
Common Study Room For PhD candidates who are preparing their dissertation
Students with Disability Reading Room For students with disability


After searching for materials on the SNU Library homepage and locating them from the bookshelves, users may check-out books with an identification card at the Circulation Desk.


  • Books can be returned at the Circulation Desk or the automatic check-in machine on the 1th floor.
  • However, books checked out from Central Library or branch libraries may only be returned to the same branch library or Central Library.

Overdue Penalties

  • For books whose expiration dates have not passed. 2 renewals are allowed per book.
  • Overdue fines of \100 per book are imposed from the third overdue date. The overdue fines of the first two days are included in the charges from the third day.
  • Please utilize the Online Payment Service for overdue fines. (Exception for foreigners, persons under age and those on fixed-rate cellular phone plans.)

Books & Period

Classification No. of Books Period
Professors (Full-time, chair-, foundation, honorary, retired, and contract), guest instructors 40 Books 90 Days
Graduate students, part-time lecturers, staff members, and teaching staff from experimental schools, assistant instructors, researchers, research trainees, post-doctoral students, research registrants, and other researchers employed by the head of each colleges or SNU organizations 20 Books 30 Days
Undergraduate students, exchange students, seasonal semester students, personnel employed by the head of each organization (Non-researcher) 10 Books 14 Days
open lecture and short-term students(The only person listed on the computer management program of the open courses) 5 Books 14 Days
Those with approval from the heads of other institutions Depends on the approval contents

SNU Library

The SNU Library implements an impeccable research information system and provides research support service. It also offers organized instructions on library use, in addition to collaborating with other libraries in sharing resources, playing the key role in a nationwide network of academic libraries.



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