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College of Social Sciences raising creative leaders for the future

Since 1975, College of Social Sciences of Seoul National University has been the cradle for leaders in Korea.
According to the comprehensive education policy stipulated in 1975, College of Social Sciences (CSS) was founded by integrating departments scattered in College of Liberal Arts, College of Commerce, and the Graduate School of Journalism. Scholars and social leaders nurtured in the College have led the industrialization and democratization process of the country. Our alumni are taking leadership roles as economists, policy makers, politicians, and journalists to name a few. We are proud that each and every one of them is making a real impact bringing about positive changes in many facets of the society.

College of Social Sciences focuses on education, research, and community service
Most of the departments in CSS have been consistently positioned in the top 30 according to international QS ranks. We work with the best professors who are not only passionately engaged with education but also are involved in world-class research equipped with a diverse set of perspectives and innovative methodologies. CSS consists of approximately 3,000 undergraduate, masters and doctoral students in 8 different departments. In addition, we have a total of 13 research institutes. Our curriculum not only aims for the achievement of excellence in high level academic knowledge but also emphasize a priority on community service in order to raise our next generation who are balanced in sharp insights, solid accountability, and sound judgment.

College of Social Sciences aims to be the leader of academic community of Asia.

Strengthening international exchange, CSS aspire to become a platform integrating social sciences of Asia based on the academic excellence on par with that of globally leading countries. We encourage students to experience a well-rounded academic community by participating in diverse spectrum of studies, from basic research that creates original knowledge, policy and institutional research that tackles various social problems, and to further interdisciplinary research.

College of Social Sciences provide programs to nurture students to become truly global leaders.
College of Social Sciences strives to develop and offer variety of programs to cultivate students to actively perform on the global stage. We conduct global volunteer activities to understand and support developing countries by connecting global studies and community service through regular in-school course works about the global community and going right on to the field for experience using extra time. Furthermore, we encourage students’ active participation in various international exchange programs and academic conferences, including graduate students’ publications and attendance in international conferences.

College of Social Sciences helps students to develop creativity, flexible thinking, and independent problem-solving skills.
We believe in positive changes stem from innovative thinkers who carry sense of responsibility towards their community and problem-solving abilities. They can meet the challenges of fast-paced social changes from globalization to 4th industrial revolution. CSS continues to develop and offer cutting-edge classes such as behavior economics, biogeography, software culture, and emotional science. In addition, we emphasize on cultivating problem-solving skills and methodologies for social analysis through independent research programs and small team-based classes such as classical reading curriculum.


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