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 Welcome to the College of Social Sciences, Seoul National University, which is the center of higher education and research in Korea.
Since its establishment in 1975 the College of Social Sciences(CSS) has undergone remarkable changes in the direction of strengthening institutional capacity to support social science research and teaching. Many departments in CSS are ranked very high in worldwide evaluations; and CSS itself was 21st in the 2018 QS rankings.
Fast changing social environment, however, prods us to rethink the role of university education and to seek for new research initiatives. To cope with the emerging challenges CSS makes efforts to extend its educational and research networks, define the goals of multidisciplinary inquiries, and play a central role in formulating SNU’s common vision.
In order for our undergraduates to benefit from quality education, CSS encourages teachers to develop more diversified curricula and innovative teaching methods. CSS also attempts to fully mobilize its potential for multidisciplinary research by facilitating collaboration among research institutes, developing multidisciplinary agenda, and building up teamwork to conduct long-term projects across the whole fields of social sciences.
Thank you for your continued support of and interest in the College of Social Sciences at Seoul National University.
Sugin Kweon, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Social Sciences




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