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Program in Gender Studies

Program in Gender Studies
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Program in Gender Studies was established in 1999, as a graduate program. The Program aims to provide education to graduate students who are interested in gender studies and to promote gender research in Korea. Gender studies aims to understand the structure of social relationships between male and female and resolve social issues that stem from discrimination and marginalization of women in this society. Fulfilling the mission of gender studies, we are dedicated to make contributions to the development of Korean society and to educate intellectuals who promote gender equality.

Gender studies consist of multiple perspectives and, by nature, is interdisciplinary. However, the field of gender studies is also an independent field of study, distinctive from conventional disciplines. Emphasizing its academic features, education and research in this program are conducted in collaboration with professors who specialize in women’s issue and are from diverse participating departments in social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. The Program is designed to produce professional researchers who have realistic and theoretical understanding of gender issues and leaders who can make contributions in our society by utilizing their expertise in gender studies.

Reserch Areas

The faculty members in the Program eng_1age in vibrant research to extend our knowledge on gender issues. Our Program is committed to enhance interdisciplinary communications by collaborating with the Institute for Gender Research and other institutes in humanities and social sciences. Gender studies provide its social relevance in our contemporary society as a participatory discipline. The Program also provides various opportunities for researchers to demonstrate their research expertise on a range of subjects, including women’s policy, culture, North Korean women, socio-cultural organization of sexuality, gender and religion, feminist history, motherhood and reproduction, and study of masculinity.

Career Prospects

A degree in gender studies leads to a wide range rewarding careers. Graduates from our program play a central role in academia and in national research institutes that evaluate and develop women’s policy. In addition, our alumni are contributing to the expansion of gender equality in political arenas, media, and broadcasting.


Kweon, Sug-In College of Social Sciences
Anthropology, Culture Research
Kim, Kwang-Ok College of Social Sciences
Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology
Kim Se Kyun College of Social Sciences

Politics, Political Thoughts

Kim UnKyung College of Humanities
Spanish Literature, Spanish Linguistics
Kim, Hye-Lan College of Social Sciences
Social Welfare, Women’s Welfare
Park, Keong-Suk College of Social Sciences
Sociology, Population, Family
Park, Myung-Jin College of Social Sciences
Communications, Film Sociology
Pak, Sunyoung College of Social Sciences
Anthropology, Biological Anthropology
Bae, Eun-Kyung College of Social Sciences
Sociology, Feminism Theory
Yang Hyunah College of Law
Law, Feminist Law
Yeo JungSung College of Human Ecology
Consumer Studies, Consumer, Family Economy
Woo, HeeJong College of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine, immunology
Lee Kyungmook College of Business Administration
Business, Human Organization
Lee, Mi Na College of Education
Social Education, Educational Sociology
Lim, Haeran College of Social Sciences
Politics, Women in Politics
Chung, Chinsung College of Social Sciences
Sociology, Sociology of Women
Han, GyoungHae College of Human Ecology
Consumer Child Studies, Family
Hahn, JeongSook College of Humanities
Western History, Women’s History


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