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푸마코리아 - 인사팀 HR & Facility 주니어경력 채용
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  • 날짜2022-08-02 09:22:26
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회사명 : 푸마코리아
직무: 인사팀 HR & Facility 주니어경력 채용
Responsible for handling a variety of personnel related administrative duties and assisting in the day to day operational aspects of the office. (General Administration and HR Support for Compensation & Benefit, HRIS)
- Manage facility supplies (Office supplies, Lease, Corporate cars, etc.)
- Manage vendor operations
- Handle the payment order & payment request process
- Monitor the Admin. budget
- Work with payroll vendor and Finance team to ensure proper flow and maintenance of employee data
- Complete & ensure the accuracy of all payroll related reporting
- Assist in updating and maintaining personnel records, and perform audits
- Manage HR Global Content Calendar for posting employee events
- Assist HR team in special office projects and employee event as necessary
  • - Bachelor's degree in HR, Management or Business administration is preferred
    - 2~5 years of experience in HR (Administrative assistant experience preferred)
    - Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
    - Fluent in English
    - High attention to detail
    - High level of interpersonal skill
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