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Information and Culture Technology Studies

Program in ICT
TEL +82-2-880-9049
FAX +82-2-880-6467

The Information and Culture Technology Studies concentrates on educating multidisciplinary scientific researchers, who can study new information technology and cultural environment using multidisciplinary approaches including disciplines from humanities, social sciences and eng_1ineering, and producing competent professionals who will become leaders of cultural production industry including the three major areas of digital environment in the 21st Century the internet, mobile communications, and digital conversions. To achieve these aims, our program emphasizes multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary education and research that are critical to individuals pursuing a career in related industries. Also, the Program has collaborated with IT organizations, such as Daum, Nexon, and Cyworld in developing courses and research projects.

The Information and Culture Technology Studies offers theoretical and practical education by offering foundation courses such as introduction to information culture technology, understanding cultural contents, and introduction to internet technology and advanced courses such as practices of digital videos, multimedia practices, understanding games, interactional narrative system, introduction to virtual reality, HCI/CMC theory, visualization, and others.


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