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  Thank you for visiting the College of Social Science, Seoul National University.

The College of Social Sciences was established when Seoul National University moved to the Gwanak campus in 1975, and the University reorganized its academic divisions into humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. As a result, ten departments and divisions were incorporated into the College of Social Sciences.

Currently, the College consists of eight departments; Department of political science and international relations, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography, psychology, social welfare, and communication, where currently 135 faculty members and 50 administrative staffs serve. More than 3,000 students enroll in our undergraduate programs. All of our departments and school offer Ph. D. and master's programs, including the interdisciplinary program in gender studies. There are 14 research institutes, including the Center for Social Sciences.

The College of Social Sciences is committed to excellence in education, research, and social services. We believe that outstanding educational service encourages students to acquire knowledge and to develop a good sense of responsibility. We provide the best teaching and research environment for the faculty members. Great ccomplishments have been made through the intensive research activities. The graduates from the College of Social Sciences have been play leading roles in a wide range of arenas both in Korea and overseas. We believe that the academic and policy contributions will continue by your moral and financial support.

Bong Joo Lee, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Social Sciences


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