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  Thank you for visiting the College of Social Science, Seoul National University.

The College of Social Sciences is Korea’s leading education and research institute in the social sciences. Many study areas in the college are ranked in the top 30 in various worldwide evaluations of universities. The college itself was ranked 21st in the 2018 QS rankings. The college has established itself as the most expert group leading the development of Korean society. Our graduates are playing leading roles in government, education, and business in Korea and overseas.
These are our proudest accomplishments. However, we will not simply settle for our past results. We will prepare for the future. In coming years, we will do our best to cultivate people of ability and civic virtue who are prepared for the Fourth Industrial Evolution.
As the Dean, my first priority will be to innovate the curriculum and education system at the College. We need to develop new educational methods to instill creativity and innovation in our students. I will also try to increase resources for our research programs. I hope you will join me, our faculty, and students in achieving these goals.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the development of the College of Social Sciences.

Bong Joo Lee, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Social Sciences


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